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An annuity is a contract between an individual ("annuitant") and an insurance company. The annuitant agrees to pay the insurance company a single payment or a series of payments, and the insurance company agrees to pay the annuitant an income, starting immediately or at a later date, for a specified time period. Under current tax law, money put into an annuity grows on a tax-deferred basis until the annuitant begins receiving his accumulated fund as an income. That means that one hundred percent of your earnings are reinvested in an annuity and allowed to compound -- or grow -- without having to pay taxes on earnings.


How to Get Started
Annuities offer many advantages including tax-deferred growth, lifetime income, liquidity, death benefits and much more.  Because of the number of options, you need a licensed professional who can help you determine what the best product is for your needs.  Just give us a call and we will help you with your questions and give you any information that you need.